Bitwalking Begins

Bitwalking, generate money by walking

Bitwalking begins today. It was made by you. Now, It’s here for you. It’s this sequence of events that brought it to you and it will stay only if you decide so.

We live in a strange world of dreams, lies and wires that is going through a chaotic time. It was built to protect us and keep everything stable. But now we do not know what is true or what is false. We have become lost in a fake virtual world and cannot see the reality outside.

It’s a cruel understanding, but it never hardened our heart. Instead, it broadened our moral imagination. It helped us see not just the world as it is, but the world as it should be and will be..

From all of this, Bitwalking was born. A currency that sees all people as deserving of dignity and respect. Of a chance.

What we’re creating is a new way to participate in the world. A technology that walks with us, that recognizes our human value. A new global currency generated by each of us, for all of us. Your steps convert into digital currency; and a step is worth the same value for everyone — no matter who you are, or where you are.

We find no need to posture or traffic in what’s popular in the moment; we find no interest in polls or fads. We are working only for the purpose of making life better not just for people here, but for people around the world, including those who had fled war and fled oppression. We believe in the irreducible value of every human being. Our technology was built on this idea and symbolizes for us the undeniable forward march of human progress.

We will deploy the Bitwalking network in steps. We start with the initial ‘Mining Phase’ which we launch today. With this we are building the value, the community, and the network to sustain the Bitwalking currency. Soon after, more currency features will be available to all.

Access to the Bitwalking Network is available via Android systems and will support more platforms as we move forward.

We draw strength from the overwhelming reaction and support provided by our followers in the last months. And we take this opportunity to thank all of the early testers, the contributors and believers that helped us and pushed us — even when we doubted ourselves.

In solidarity,

Nissan, Franky and Team Bitwalking