Meet Anthony Pompliano, the Asset Manager who is confident about Bitcoin’s future!

This year has witnessed bitcoins and cryptocurrencies struggling to stay afloat. Long-time critics of cryptocurrencies are already making their voices heard — they feel this year’s lows are the beginning of the end for cryptocurrencies.

But cryptocurrencies still have its fair share of faithful folks and nobody is more vocal than Anthony Pompliano, co-founder at Morgan Creek Digital. Antony is willing to do a $1 million wager to prove that cryptocurrencies will gradually become a better investment option than some of USA’s biggest shares and stocks. He believes that the recent plunge in valuations will be setting the tone for something big in favor of cryptocurrencies. And we agree with him wholeheartedly!

Anthony Pompliano

The wager or challenge has been christened “Buffett Bet 2.0” in honor of Warren Buffet’s legendary $1 million bet that S&P 500 would beat a section of hedge funds in ten years. Buffet’s words came true last year when S&P 500 eventually did outperform some hedge funds last year (a decade after the wager was made).

Morgan Creek Digital is the force behind Digital Asset Index Fund, which tracks 10 of the most popular cryptocurrencies. These include bitcoin, ethereum and Litecoin, among other valuable cryptocurrencies.