How Bixin Share the Gifts from the Byteball Team with Its Users!

Widely praised by the industry and users, a couple of days ago, we shared the gift from the Stellar team (0.9% of the bitcoins) with our wallet users.

As the Byteball(GBYTE) team sent Byteballs to Bitcoin holders, we decided to exchange the Byteballs we received into Bitcoins and give them to our wallet users. Each wallet user will receive 1% of his balance at 14:00 (GMT +8), 13th July. Throughout the process, the users don’t need to do anything.

Instructions and details are as follows:

1. The ones that can get Byteballs are bitcoins in wallet account

Again, as bitcoins in Finance account belong to Bixin during the contract period and are already invested, they should not be a part of this Bitcoin-Lumen Program. Similarly, bitcoins in Hashrate Exchange are not involved in this program either.

2. Details

Snapshot time:

According to our snapshot at 12:00 (GMT +8), 9th July, we will confirm and record the number of bitcoins of every wallet account.

Payout ratio:

We exchanged the Byteballs into Bitcoins in 11th July. After deducting the transaction and withdrawal losses, the payout ratio is about 1%.

Namely, if you have 1 BTC in your wallet at 12:00 (GMT +8), you will get 0.01BTC.

Delivery time:

The bitcoins will be distributed to all the wallet accounts proportionally and automatically at 14:00 (GMT +8), 13th July; the precise amount depends on the actual situation. The delivery information can be found in the wallet transaction record (categorized as System Bonus).

3. Bixin will continue to send all kinds of “altcoin gifts”

On August 8, Bixin will participate another round of the Bitcoin-Byteball Program. In the future, Bixin will take part in various types of altcoin benefits, and share the earnings with our wallet users according to the same rules.

Deposit your bitcoins in Bixin, enjoy the gifts!

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