The announcement from Bixin Pool: We support of the upgrade of Bitcoin protocol — Let’s fast progress and go to the moon!

Due to the divergence on scaling, the evolution of Bitcoin has stagnated for a long time. However, if we do not step forward, Bitcoin will have no future. Therefore, Bixin Pool announces: we will support any scaling proposals which are technologically mature and community-proven so that Bitcoin will progress rapidly.

To scale the block size limit, it does not only take one’s encourage, moreover, there are basic principles to follow when it comes to software upgrades and releases. Bitcoin scaling, in its essence, is a software system upgrade, in which it shall take three steps: 1) develop a mature software; 2) deploy by the community; 3) vote by the miners. Miners are without doubt the protector and the guardian in the development of Bitcoin.

Again, Bixin Pool will support any scaling schemes which are technologically mature and deployed by the community.

We recognize the New York Consensus. Bixin Pool will support Segwit2x scheme as long as it is technologically mature, and is deployed by the community.

Comparing to other scaling proposals, we consider Segwit as technologically mature and feasible: it has been deployed successfully by numerous wallets within our community, and it has been activated on Litecoin successfully. Given that Segwit2x is based on Segwit, we will support Segwit.

In the future, Bixin Pool will support technical schemes developed by any team as long as they are mature so that Bitcoin can progress rapidly, in the hope that the usage of which will be spread around the world.

Bixin Pool will not, in any sense, in any way, become an obstacle to Bitcoin’s development, rather, we will be the stepping stone to the full upgrade of Bitcoin.

Bixin Pool


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