Jonah Merchant — BizDojo Cofounder

A wakeup call we all need to take.

This year has in many ways been a steep learning curve for our whole team. We have bitten off a lot, opening Parnell and Takapuna, expanding Christchurch and Wellington and weathering building pain in Ponsonby.

Unsurprisingly it has been a huge ask of our team from the ground up, as Nick, Lachlan and I grapple with next steps, and our team on the ground keep smiling while hustling to get stuff done.

It has been a super stressful time. Great, but stressful. …

Kate Ferriman

A story of collaboration between BizDojo and Posboss.

Sometimes great things have to happen quickly. We needed to get our tech cafe up and running fast, which meant we needed to be able to sell the goodies. Luckily we have a hospo Point of Sale specialist working out of our BizDojo Auckland space who came to the rescue. HURRAH!

Lachlan Sloan — Director

I had the honour of being on the panel for Bayleys ‘Future of Coworking’ industry event in July alongside panel members from CollabNZ and Generator. There were good questions asked and equally as good insights and answers that focused on the future of coworking in Auckland, and in particular, what that meant for commercial landlords.

“Many landlords are waiting for the coworking wave to hit shore, but in reality, that wave crashed on shore long ago…”

Coworking is a new sub-sector of the real estate market. Correct. Coworking is an emerging trend. Hmm…not quite, but it’s…

Caitlin Mackay — Marketing & Communications

Wipster came to BizDojo Wellington in 2013 as a Startup the size of three guys. Over the past three years they have grown to the size of 15 members and have outgrown the BizDojo space. We had a chat with founding members, Rollo and James to hear about their experience of growing their company inside our co-working community as they graduated onto the next stage of their business journey.

Caitlin Mackay — Marketing & Communications

Two cool dudes from Flight Coffee; Trev and Nick

All good things come to end, and this week we’re saying goodbye to the good people at People’s Coffee and announcing our new friendship with the cool dudes at Flight Coffee.

We sat down with two of the cool dudes from the Flight team; the Director, Nick Clark, and General Manager, Trev Bradley, to find out what it is that makes Flight Coffee so damn awesome.

Firstly, where does the name Flight come from?

What should we call it? “How about flight?” Easy as.

Wellingtonians are known to be quite ‘particular’ about their coffee, and there’s a lot of coffee competition in the city, what is Flight Coffee’s point of difference?

Trev: It’s the people. We have incredible people in our team. We all think very much the same…

Anya Merryfield — Head of Brand & Communications

It may have seemed like only a few weeks ago we were announcing the doors open at Takapuna, or that the build had started for BizDojo Ponsonby. But here we are today, again with an announcement of the Auckland variety!

On the weekends you might find any of our Auckland crew out at Sylvia Park, and soon you will see us there during the week too — with BizDojo Sylvia Park set to open in 2018 with room for a community of 300 people.

Other than increased proximity to Zara, Sylvia Park…

Nick Shewring — Co-founder & Chief Entrepreneur

In New Zealand, while we’ve often led the world in terms of innovation and the use of new technologies, our inward facing approach isn’t doing us any favours. I think there is something in our geographic remoteness that has traditionally seen us develop businesses and ideas within an entirely local worldview; products designed for the domestic market, servicing the domestic market, launched and sold here.

But it looks like we’re changing! The last few years have bought an increasing focus on diversifying our exportable products to include high growth companies — alongside milk…

Anya Merryfield — Head of Brand & Communications

Few people will pause to contemplate the effect drinking their morning coffee, or slicing into their evening dinner may be making on the world around them. But if Anteater has their way this may just change.

Based out of BizDojo Christchurch, Anteater “acknowledge the imminent crisis surrounding global food security and food sustainability”, and have been working hard to make sure that on the menu of your favourite restaurant are some delicious insects.

There are real reasons to make a call to find alternative protein sources, and conventional meat industry is ripe…

Anya Merryfield — Head of Brand & Communications

Rich from ThisData being interviewed by Newshub at BizDojo Auckland

Years ago when I worked in media, I would joke to those I talked to that I was so pressed for time that if they handed me a good piece on a plate I’d take it. It was one of those “ha ha ha, but actually sort-of” jokes. You know, the ones where you are blatantly telling the truth, but wrap it in a ‘joke’.

These days the number of remaining journos covering the likes of business, tech and innovation are dwindling, however the demands on their time is not. Publications still…

Anya Merryfield — Head of Brand & Communications

Freelancing or contracting sounds like a great thing to do, but it seems so many people have no idea where to begin. Never fear, we have four tips to get you started!

Increasingly when out-and-about I find my conversations end up with me answering the same set of questions. Sadly not the ones I want to hear (Will you take this corgi? And this affordably priced Auckland House?) but more from people that are stepping out from their 9–5 to start something for themselves. For a while before I joined BizDojo I…


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