2018. The Year of Writing.

This is about accountability and habit as anything else.

When I was younger, I fantasised about being a writer. I semi-wrote a novel, a children’s novel, about an alien travelling to Earth on its cucumber shaped spacecraft with his canine companion. Don’t ask me why it was cucumber shaped, nor why an alien lifeform whizzed around the universe with an Earthly creature. I was about ten and it made sense at the time.

I also wanted to be a journalist. I dutifully took English Literature GCSE, then A-Level and, finally, a degree as advised to give me the greatest chance of entering Fleet Street (as was at the time).

It wasn’t to be.

But I always still harboured a desire to write, enjoyed it and, even in the various IT roles I subsequently took, managed to weave a bit of prose (and the odd bit of poetry it must be said) into my work. Whether a blog post or an article for the company newsletter, I was the first to volunteer.

Since setting up my own marketing business, the need to write has grown. Indeed, whereas I specialise in using social media, the use of language is increasingly important to stand out against the dross that one cohabits with online. Plus, there are so many social media managers out there that just creating strategies around Facebook et al. doesn’t cut it.

We’ve had success with writing for clients, and I now employ ex-journalists to write too (I’m having the last laugh here). It means, however, that I must improve my own writing to contribute to our team’s efforts if we’re to demonstrate why long-form content truly works for businesses.

Writing every day will bring me the additional skills I need to get better. Get better at using the right language, setting the right tone, but also reducing the time it takes to write.

All I’m committing to is writing every day. The format and platform will vary. Here, on Medium, it will be more journal entry in style. On my HuffPost account it will be opinion on marketing news and trends. LinkedIn will host my thoughts about how businesses can specifically improve with some helpful advice. Our company blog has a specific purpose of only containing How To content that adds value to the reader.

What I’m not counting is social media posts, not even long ones and threads.

Whether you follow my accounts is of no consequence to this challenge. This is for me, and that’s all I’m after.

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