Business Roundtable on Paid Family and Medical Leave

Business Roundtable has called on federal policymakers to make paid family and medical leave benefits available to more hardworking Americans.

Business Roundtable CEOs are leaders in providing benefits to their employees and take seriously the responsibility of helping their employees address the demands of parenting, family and personal illness. Paid leave for time away from work, including paid family and medical leave, is one of those important benefits.

Business Roundtable CEOs know that these benefits provide economic security and are critical to workers and their families — in their greatest times of joy and greatest times of need. Paid leave ensures employees can afford to balance the commitments of work and home. These benefits also make companies better places to work, helping to ensure that both employees and the companies they work for perform at their best.

In setting a new federal paid family and medical leave policy, Congress should consider the impacts on small businesses, who are vital to the U.S. economy and are valuable partners to larger employers. In addition, Congress should ensure flexibility for employers. For example, a business should be able to maintain its existing leave program if it adequately serves the company’s needs, is self-financed and meets the minimum requirements of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Business Roundtable CEOs stand ready to work with federal policymakers and stakeholders to craft a federal policy that works for all employees and businesses.

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