Q&A: Blackstone CEO Stephen A. Schwarzman on the Importance of AI

Business Roundtable
May 6 · 2 min read

Q&A with Steve Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Blackstone

Q: How will AI transform our society?

Schwarzman: AI will impact every industry, restructure the way we work and the change the skills Americans need to succeed. There is no more important opportunity or challenge we face than responsibly harnessing the power of AI so that the country remains competitive globally and achieves breakthroughs that improve our entire society.

Q: What kind of effort is needed to advance AI in the country?

Schwarzman: The United States needs a coordinated national effort on AI which combines greater funding from the federal government, involvement from the business community and collaboration with leading research universities. If we are to shape how these emerging technologies impact our country and people, we must be leaders in their development and ethical introduction.

Q: How important are the ethical considerations related to AI?

Schwarzman: The ethics behind AI must be developed hand in hand with the science. We will never realize the full potential of AI advancements unless they are guided by moral considerations to benefit everyone in society. We need to do everything we can to ensure all Americans can share in AI’s development.

Q: Will AI impact your company and the investing industry?

Schwarzman: AI will have far-reaching implications across industries. As investors in a diverse range of companies and assets around the world, we are no different. Each of our businesses must consider the potential for disruption from AI and other advanced technologies when making investments.

Business Roundtable

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