Help desk outsourcing reduces staffing costs, resulting in major savings

Downtime for IT systems is, unfortunately, an inevitability. When the worst happens, it’s important that employees know where to reach out to. Surely, a Help Desk is the most effective single point of contact at your disposal. Chris Mackey defines help desks as, “a resource designed for IT users to contact when they are having problems with their IT services.” They’re the first line of support for any of your employees to reach out to. If the growth of your business is putting too much strain on your current help desk solution, it might be time to hire a Help Desk Provider.

Why Hire a Help Desk Provider?

In a small company, the needs of a help desk can be filled by one readily available expert. Once you’ve grown, however, an individual can quickly become overwhelmed. Help desk providers are an excellent option to outsource your support needs and get back to business as usual. Regardless of how effective your current help desk solution is, the benefits of an outsourced help desk make it an effective choice at any time. Richard Barrington lays out the following as just some of the benefits of outsourcing your help desk:

  • Financial Advantage: Outsourcing your Help Desk reduces fixed costs and can boost return‐on-investment.
  • Focus on core business: Help Desk outsourcing frees up you and your team’s time so you can spend time on areas where the company is best positioned to add value.
  • Flexible capacity: Help Desk call volume from your users can vary greatly and Help Desk outsourcing allows for flexible capacity to handle the changes in volume.
  • Continually updated training: Firms that specialize in Help Desk services are better positioned to keep training current.

Considerations When Choosing a Help Desk Provider

Once you’ve decided that outsourcing your business’s help desk is best, how should you ensure the provider that you’ve chosen is best suited for your needs? Getting the facts that you need is easy if you know the right questions, so Jacque Rowden posed several for your use:

  1. How are the agents with the Help Desk vetted? What typical education and certifications do they have?
  2. Does the help desk provide any Service Level Agreements (SLAs)? SLAs ensure that all parties are on the same page when it comes to response expectations.
  3. What objective metrics can you show? What’s the provider’s average speed to answer (ASA)? What are their abandoned rates (AR) and their percentage of first contact resolution (FCR)?
  4. How does your number of calls/tickets per month stack up against your customer satisfaction
    ? The volume of the calls is not as important as how well users’ issues are resolved and how pleased they are with their resolution.
  5. How are metrics made available? Are metrics available in real time? Do you receive raw data or
    analyzed information? What types of reports will you receive? Will you only receive information
    according to the vendor’s timeline, or can you request them on an as‐needed basis?
  6. How does your Help Desk compare to industry standards? You can check your Help Desk provider’s metrics against industry standards at

The IT support that your business has at its disposal is its best assurance that business will continue smoothly. Help desks reinforce all of your employees by supplying access to the resources they need to solve complicated IT issues as they occur. For a growing business, outsourcing those help desk needs is the best way to be sure you’ll always receive the capacity of expert support that your staff needs to operate comfortably and efficiently.

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