The Number 1 Concern Among IT Managers & Directors

After an intense couple of weeks interviewing IT managers and directors, there was one common thread in our conversation; they were often pressed with managing their time. These IT professionals are constantly plagued with the pressure of handling day to day fires, ensuring user satisfaction, and planning for & implementing strategic initiatives for their company which can be a challenging balancing act.

I was surprised to hear that most folks spend between 10–20% of their time (approx. 4–8 hours) conducting research to help address their various IT projects. Not all IT projects are deemed equal however. There are a good number of one off projects where IT Managers and Directors will look to consultants or remote service workers to come in and address 1 particular area of concern. Then there are other larger scale projects like email hosting, cloud computing, backup, managed security, SIP voice and Internet data services (including MPLS and Ethernet), unified communications, and a slew of Microsoft related projects, etc. Noted below are brief overviews of IT projects in high demand:

Email Hosting

An email service provides user account management, message management, and features such as search, integration with instant messaging, and virus detection. A web-based email service provides protection against lost emails, attachments etc. Where as a local email service, users must maintain local copies or backups.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing refers to a general term for the delivery of services hosted over the internet. A type of computing, it relies on the sharing of computing resources rather than having personal devices or local servers to handle applications. A business model, it enables convenient, on-demand network access to a pool of computing resources including servers, applications, storage, services, networks, etc. Generally, the cloud model comes with five characteristics (broad network access, on demand service, cost effective, rapid elasticity, measured services) and four deployment models (public, private, hybrid, community).


A backup is a copy of your data. Losing data, whether through hardware failure, software failure, or user error, can be catastrophic. Backup solutions are usually automated, and most companies keep at least two backups of their data. Data is often backed up locally to another hard drive or to tape media in the same office, and backed up remotely to the cloud or to another offsite location. Having multiple backups allows you to recover a version of a file before it was corrupted or deleted, and allows for recovery even in the event of media failure. The remote backup ensures recovery even in the event of a local catastrophe such as a fire. Ease of recovery is the primary function of any backup solution.

Managed Security

Managed Security, also known as cyber security, refers to outsourced monitoring and protection of IT infrastructure. Services include 24/7 monitoring, firewall management, intrusion detection, emergency response, security audits. Managed security also provides up to date technology and predictable costs.

Phone Lines (Analog, Digital, SIP)

A phone line is a connection to a telecommunication company’s central office. Landlines are the traditional analog telephone lines used to deliver telephone service, and digital subscriber lines are cables that transmit digital information over telephone lines. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) integrates voice and data on a single network. This enables you to optimize the network capacity and flexibility of your existing PBX or key system investments, and also provides the foundation for advanced services.

Internet, MPLS, Ethernet

Internet, MPLS, Ethernet are different connectivity methods for inter-office connectivity. Internet as well, is used for accessing services like email, cloud applications, data research, etc.

Unified Communications

Unified communications refers to the integration of different communication platforms, such as voice, video, instant messaging, email and discussion forums.

Many of the interviewees noted that it was challenging to find time to conduct proper due diligence in finding the right IT solutions provider to match their unique needs. Add to this that they are frequently being bombarded with users daily requests, the task can seem daunting.

Much like how TripAdvisor broke down barriers around providing clarity in the travel industry, which gave travellers transparency as to the best hotels out there, I can see how a similar type of free tool for the IT community would be of value and break down barriers to finding the best solutions providers in the sea of solutions providers out there.

“As the IT Administrator for an engineering company nothing is more valuable to me than time. The service BizXPro provides saves me valuable time that I can apply to other more pressing issues. I no longer need to waste hours searching for and vetting qualified contractors to assist me with the aspects of IT that I cannot manage myself. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Within minutes I can outline my project fully knowing that certified professionals are just a click away. The feedback system allows me to quickly filter out any companies that do not seem to be the right fit for my needs. I look forward to seeing what other services BizXPro can provide me in the future.” Adam Worwood, IT Administrator at Planview Utility Services Limited

It’s clear that the need exists, it’s now a matter of making use of a tool that can finally help free up time.

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