Biz-Esports Summit Spotlight: Bryce Blum

On May 23rd, some of the brightest minds in esports will come together at the Biz-Esports Summit in Los Angeles. Before that day comes, we wanted to ntroduce some of the incredible people joining us as panelists. First up, is Bryce Blum from IME Law.

Biz-Esports: Tell us about your background

Bryce Blum: Born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Graduated 3rd in my class at Trinity College and went to George Washington Law School on a full merit scholarship. Played semi-professional poker before going to law school.

BE: How did you become involved with esports?

BB: I’ve always been an avid gamer. I game tested some N64 games for Nintendo when I was a kid, and have loved games ever since

I started practicing law at one of the largest and most reputable law firms in Seattle. In my first week on the job, I began drafting a white paper forecasting the legal future of esports. That paper did well on Reddit, and my esports career snowballed from there. Some people in the industry contacted me to do legal work, I wrote more white papers, and before I knew it I was only doing esports-related legal work. About a year ago I left the big firm to co-found IME Law, where I represent many of the preeminent businesses and individuals in the industry.

BE: In your opinion, what’s the biggest legal issue confronting the industry right now?

BB: There are too many to pick just one. We need to build an infrastructure that allows for all interested parties to have a meaningful say in the decision making process, develop standard terms for player contracts, tackle issues surrounding collective bargaining, and much more.

About Bryce’s firm:

IME Law maintains the first eSports‑focused legal practice in the world, with a client list that includes some of the most influential organizations and individuals in the industry. Our clients compete in more than ten titles, boast LCS and CS:GO major titles, stream regularly to tens of thousands of viewers, and operate businesses with prominent outside investment and millions of active users.


Join Bryce and the rest of our all-star guests at the Biz-Esports Summit in May. Experts from across the industry will discuss the biggest topics in esports. Held in Los Angeles, California on May 23–24, you can find conference pricing, including special prices for students and startups, and register here.

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