Biz-Esports Summit Spotlight: Kelsey Moser -Staff Writer, theScore eSports

On May 23rd, some of the brightest minds in esports will come together at the Biz-Esports Summit in Los Angeles. In this series we find out more about our exceptional speakers - meet Kelsey Moser, Staff Writer for theScore eSports!

Biz-Esports: Tell us about your professional background and experience

Kelsey Moser: I graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2011 and spent time working in research before transitioning into a full time esports journalist position in early 2015. I now work as a staff writer for theScore eSports.

BE: How did you become involved with eSports?

KM: I became involved with esports by writing articles in my spare time. I gained a modest following and was offered a fulltime job with theScore.

BE: What do you think is the most interesting thing in eSports right now?

KM: At the moment, I think the growing pains and speculation in the industry are the most interesting things. The economic environment differs drastically all over the world, and seeing how different market interacts is very interesting.

BE: What are you going to be talking about at the Biz-Esports Summit?

KM: Lessons from the Chinese market

BE: What do you consider the biggest stories in esports over the last 6 months?

KM: The most memorable stories in esports in the past six months are probably the fall of Chinese teams across multiple platforms and the continuing increased popularity of CS:GO internationally as a spectator game.

Join Kelsey and the rest of our all-star guests at the Biz-Esports Summit in May. Experts from across the industry will discuss the biggest topics in esports. Held in Los Angeles, California on May 23–24, you can find conference pricing, including special prices for students and startups, and register here.

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