Biz-Esports Summit Spotlight: Noah Whinston - CEO, Immortals

On May 23rd, some of the brightest minds in esports will come together at the Biz-Esports Summit in Los Angeles. In this series we sit down with our roster of extraordinary speakers, this time we caught up with Noah Whinston, the CEO of Immortals.

Biz-Esports: Tell us about your professional background and experience

Noah Whinston: My background is in data and analytics driven sports betting

BE: How did you become involved with esports?

NW: I started off in esports as a fan and then started digging deeper as part of the esports DFS industry while playing on Vulcun and Alphadraft. I was hired by Vulcun and met investors through that position that were also interested in starting a team.

BE: What do you think is the most interesting thing in esports right now?

NW: The structuring of leagues and the relationships between developers and competitive organizations.

BE: What are you going to be talking about at the Biz-Esports Summit?

NW: I’ll be discussing growth paths and pain points for team owners in the expanding esports ecosystem and how collaboration between different industry stakeholders can accelerate that growth.

BE: What’s your favorite story as part of Immortals?

NW: Definitely one of Huni’s quotes: “I’m not disrespecting enemy, I’m just respecting that he’s bad”

Join Noah and the rest of our all-star guests at the Biz-Esports Summit in May. Experts from across the industry will discuss the biggest topics in esports. Held in Los Angeles, California on May 23–24, you can find conference pricing, including special prices for students and startups, and register here.

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