Murphy’s Law — Debrief for $GAIN

“Nothing is as easy as it looks, everything takes longer than you expect, and if anything can go wrong, it will, at the worst possible moment.”

The Warm Up

I spent a good amount of time being able to conceptualize, plan, and create GainOS as a way to give the community something novel. That project was $GAIN.

This project was meant to have a sustainable rebase, to grow and sustain everyone with the promise of (3,3). The documentation, the economics, the concept was something that I held close to me.

I worked on this project with a front end dapp developer that I thought I knew for well over a year. (or so I thought I did). It seemed like he had the technical knowhow and understanding to push this project forward with the concept I had envisioned.

Conceptual Art for GainOS

The Come Up

For $GAIN I knew that if i had to market it properly, I would have to deploy a unique antibot. I had it built very similar to RING, to assure that you had to deploy a code in order to purchase on Uniswap. I quickly come to learn that this code did not apply to Sushi, Kiba, and other Swap protocols. This led to the biggest green candle of all time. I didn’t set aside any team tokens, I was hoping through this antibot everyone would be on a level playing field and be able to purchase at fair prices for a slow growth play.

The other part I had overlooked was the transfer through and adding an unclogger to the router. If i had added the function to unclog the router, we would have had a more sustainable growth. I spent around 25 minutes with people thinking that it was a honeypot. This was around the same time that the front end dev asked me for the private keys to the project wallets. He assured that he was going to scale the project and fix a lot of these issues that will arise. If i was to do this part over again, I’d blacklist the bots that made it through, and slowly taper the sell limits so everyone could be able to sell safely.

$GAIN was able to make it past that initial sell off and rally back up to ATH. I couldn’t have done it without my peers on that end, everyone had supported GAIN because they knew the hours I’ve spent and the effort that has been put into creating a token. Despite the higher than normal taxes, the rough start, and missing the opportunity to purchase tokens on launch — everyone was there. We pushed hard. We even had a manual rebase of 20% to help boost the morale for the initial team at $GAIN. I also did a 1 ETH buyback post rebase to sustain the price action.

Initial hype for $GAIN

Friday Night Lights

I had been up for around 24 hours now, and with the team ready to push the afterhours. i woke up to the funds missing from the marketing wallet in addition to the automatic rebases getting turned off because I had given the 20% manual rebase.

This was when I noticed the project was compromised. I had reached out various times and there was 0 chance that I was able to get the funds back. The wallets on the projects were static, in addition to the fees, and with the project compromised I was trapped.

The Fall Off

With these in mind, this iteration of $GAIN is not sustainable to continue. With all the feedback in mind and the opinions of my peers, there will be a chance of a relaunch with lowered taxes and sustainable yields to support that.

This is only if the community will let me do it again. I mentioned it in the $BSI chatroom, and its that i pour my heart and soul into these projects even if that means I sacrifice things of my own. I always ride my tokens until dust, and I will push to be transparent whenever neccessary.

I would never rug or ruin a project for the sole purpose of my own profit, let alone for 15 ETH. I put my name on $GAIN because I was proud of what I had made and I wanted to share it with the community. I still hold all my $GAIN as we speak and I will continue to do so until the relaunch or until the community has finished selling.

For all of my projects I will work until everything come into fruition. Whether the community will support me again will be another thing. I faught hard to earn your trust and understand it can take one move to lose it completely.

As a dreamer and a dev in the Web3 space i’ll continue to push forward new and exciting concepts. I just hope that when the time comes, I will have your support again.

With great humility,



I’ll enclose some evidence to clear my name and for you to draw your own conclusions:

100% of LP locked as per usual
13.8 ETH was funneled to a MXC exchange account, In addition to a market sell on Uniswap of the buyback tokens.
My side of the Metamask Project wallet, with the malicious transaction missing from the ledger. (Taken post mortem)
Bastard not replying to my inquiries



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