Tips to Enhance Report Creation in SugarCRM

Report creation is one of the most crucial aspects of SugarCRM as it enables the user to create and manage reports for modules like contacts, accounts, calls and more. It can also be used to accumulate data from different modules in order to generate information for your enterprise. One can generate four major types of reports in Sugar; namely, Matrix Report, Summation Report, Detailed Summation Report and Rows & Columns Report.

Some have the knowledge of creating custom reports using SugarCRM on their own whereas some also choose to hire a firm offering SugarCRM development solutions. If you are willing to enhance the process of report creation for your enterprise, take a look at some of the tips mentioned below:

Merge the data

The data currently available on your CRM might be used to create reports at a later stage. However, it can get quite overwhelming and confusing when you have different and duplicate versions of the same data. In this case, do not delete the duplicate data. The best way to go about it is to merge the old and new data. This will ensure that no information is lost. You can also make the most out of the option ‘search for duplicates’ available in the edit menu drop down of SugarCRM. As soon as you click on the ‘find duplicates’ option, you will get an access to the old and renamed versions of your data. Thereafter, you can merge both to enable perfect report generation.

Ensure Data visibility and maintenance

Maintaining the integrity of your data is of utmost importance. And for the same reason, you must undergo training for handling different modules of your CRM. There are other crucial aspects like entering the right data at the right time, increasing data visibility, understanding the importance of data etc which need to be looked into. Also, refrain from creating a lot of fields as it might make it tedious for the representatives of your firm to feed the records each time. Conduct meeting and training sessions regularly so that your employees can learn how to create records using Sugar.

Consider buying extensions

SugarCRM will definitely provide you with the basic report creating functionalities. However, you might need customized reporting system for your organization. During such times, you can choose to buy a reporting extension that can be integrated with your SugarCRM. But before buying, do check that all your requirements are being met with. Some people end up buying extension that they think might suit their needs and regret at a later stage. Refrain from making a mistake like that.

The above guidelines and methods will definitely help in boosting your ability and speed to generate impeccable reports. A perfect report generating solution is the one that helps you to create customized reports. Once you get accustomed to creating reports on your own, you won’t have to rely on anyone.

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