Complete On-Page SEO Solution for Magento

SEO Hub simplifies On-Page SEO for your Magento Store and provides SEO templates for all your products, categories and CMS pages as well as for page urls. All our products come with 15 days money back guarantee. So buy SEO Hub now with confidence!

With the extension you’ll be ableto create product Meta templates for different Store Views as well.Templates can be created for product / category Meta title, description and keywords; long and short product descriptions and URL keys.

Admin will be able to choose attributes for which rule is going to be created. You can choose attribute and click on ADD which will move attribute to the box where you’ll be able to configure rule as per your need.

Value Added Features

  • Define Applicable Product Limit for Single Template ImplementationSet maximum number of products on which template will be applied in one go when any template is executed.
  • Set Maximum Limits For Meta DataAdmin will be able to set maximum character limit for Meta Title & Meta Description. When the length is exceeded, excess characters will be cropped.
  • Automate Template Applying ProcessWith the use of Magento Cron automate the template applying process by selecting “YES” for Apply by Cron while making the template.
  • Get Notified for any Execution ErrorWhile executing the template if anything goes wrong, you’ll get notified of the products for which template is not being applied with SEO Hub.
  • Demo Examples for template creationGet demo examples for creating templates based on attributes for Catalog Templates, CMS Templates, URL Meta Management, Blog Posts and Blog Category Templates.