Magento Stock Management Android & iOS Application

Inventory Management System
  • View PO details
  • Merchant can view and search the purchase order details in his mobile device. It is possible to edit the quantity of items from mobile.
Mobile Inventory Management System
  • Shipment details
  • Merchant can enter the received quantity of products and update the status as “Complete” or “Partially Received”.
Stock Management System
  • Manage products
  • All your products with detailed information can be browsed based on categories and search filter. Product quantity, stock status and product status can be modified using your mobile device.
Inventory Management System
  • Manage your supplier details
  • User can add and modify their supplier details. It is also possible to modify the status of suppliers instead of permanently deleting the record.
Inventory Management System
  • Place comments, date and notify the supplier
  • Y The PO review section allows submitting comment by the merchant and the expected date of receiving the shipment. Merchant can notify the supplier via email.
Inventory Management System
  • Manage the stock status and quantity
  • All your products are listed in a grid, where in stock status and quantity are editable.
Inventory Management System
  • View the history of change
  • An inventory log feature included in our advanced and enterprise version allows you to keep a track of changes done in product quantity using which action and by whom. Thus the merchant can identify the goof ups if any!
Inventory Management System
  • PO for Multiple suppliers and multiple products at a time
  • It is possible to order same product from different suppliers and different products from single supplier. Purchase orders will be created based on suppliers.
Inventory Management System
  • Generate purchase orders based on stock status
  • The pending products feature includes all the products with “Out of stock” status or quantity lower than the threshold for which purchase order can be generated. It displays grid wise colors according to the stock status.
Inventory Management System
  • Keep a track of back ordered goods
  • If the merchant allows the customers to place order on store even if the product’s quantity is out of stock then PO for such products can be generated using the pending order module. Hence immediate action can be taken to execute the placed orders.
Inventory Management System
  • Manage products using Barcode
  • Upon receiving the goods from the supplier; simply scan the barcode pasted on the package and all the information about the product is entered in the system. Hence no manual data entry! The “Barcode Scanning” feature is a part of Advanced and Enterprise edition.

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