Odoo Matrix Quick Order App To Manage Multiple Order In One Click

Odoo Matrix Quick Order Apps

Matrix Quick Order is specially developed for e-commerce sites which have wholesale buyers who order bulk products. Admin can provide them the option of ordering multiple items and help grow sales easily. Customers can add numerous items to multiple lists and proceed to checkout with bulk orders.

Core Features

  • Admin can enable the Matrix quick order from the backend and let customers order bulk items on the go. Admin can also choose whether customers can manage multiple lists or not.
  • Customer can manage items of the list and order bulk items with a single click.

Merchant’s Gain

  • Let your customers’ order bulk items by providing them the option to manage multiple quick order lists.

End user’s Gain

  • Save time by keeping a list of products frequently ordered.
  • Add product quantity to managed list and order items rapidly.


Originally published at store.biztechconsultancy.com.