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Odoo URL Rewrite Builder

Using our Odoo URL Rewrite Builder app for your website, you can modify the monotonous URL of your products and categories being displayed in the address bar.

You can make it more understandable to your site visitors by specifying the product or category name instead of the complex page and product ids.

You can enter the suffix that is to be appended at the end of every URL.

Thus construct the URL of your own choice which is user and SEO friendly.

Core Features

  • Set the suffix for the URL
  • Enter the suffix for product and category URL separately. It will append automatically to the SEO URL of product/category. The suffix can be any from htm, html, php, etc.
  • Add URL for product/category
  • The detail section of each product and category will have a “SEO URL” field where you need to enter the user friendly URL for the respective product/category.
  • URL Rewrite Management View
  • A separate grid is maintained for all the SEO URLs entered by you. It is possible to edit the URLs from here as well.
  • URL in the address bar
  • The address bar of the browser’s window will show the URL as:For e.g.: You have entered “blue-sunglasses” in the product’s SEO URL and set “php” as suffix for product. The URL displayed at the front end will be:www.domain.com/blue-sunglasses.php
  • Specific product will be loaded
  • According to the specific URL request, corresponding product will be loaded. As a result, relevant products are loaded.

Merchant’s Gain

  • Can make the product and category URL understandable and user-friendly.
  • Attract more customers as the customized URLs will have higher SEO rate.

Originally published at store.biztechconsultancy.com.