5 Websites #EventProfs Should Constantly Read

If you’re in the process of planning an event, chances are you’re checking LinkedIn or Twitter for the latest news in the event industry. These resources are great because they provide you with updates about the things you love, but not every post or tweet is tailored to your business or event.

To help you find the best event websites and blogs that will help you better understand the event industry, we’ve created a list of the top 5 sites that are perfect for any event planner.

1. BizBash: a resource for #eventprofs, provides readers with event news and ideas. Readers can sign up for an account and create their own “Ideabook,” a feature similar to Pinterest that allows readers to save articles and images to their profile. Many posts have featured photo galleries which give the reader a greater sense of an event’s atmosphere.

2. Brand Driven Digital: This blog combines original brand strategy with emerging technology trends to help entrepreneurs like you build better brands online. Their most recent post, Why You’re Stuck for Blog Ideas — And What To Do About It, provides readers with tips on how to beat writer’s block (yes, it can even happen to the best bloggers!).

Brand Driven Digital also produces podcasts to accompany some of their posts that allow fans to listen to great content while on the go.

3. TechsyTalk: is a blog produced by event firm Liz King Events that explores trends in the event planning business, especially in the technology and social media fields. TechsyTalk offers solutions common problems event planners face. They provide readers with event inspiration by displaying their own Pinterest board to their site. TechsyTalk also features videos filled with great advice from top-notch event planners.

4. Pamorama: a social media marketing blog created by author Pam Dyer, discusses social media strategy. Dyer, ranked 24th on Forbes’ list of Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, shares social media marketing strategies with her readers. Dyer incorporates infographics into many of her posts making them clean, easy to follow and fun to read.

5. The Event Manager Blog: discusses social media, technology and new ideas with the event planner in mind. The Event Manager Blog also utilizes infographics and allows them to like, share and even save helpful infographics to their desktops. Event professionals are also welcome to submit guest blog posts.

All of the blogs and websites on our Top 5 list discuss many social media platforms. To learn more about the networks they’re talking about, check out our blog post 30 Social Media Networks #EventProfs Should Use.

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