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Brain Health. These influencers are taking three unique approaches to addressing the world’s biggest problem.

The mind is a lonely place. It’s just you and your thoughts. Everything you see, hear, and experience impacts what you think, which impacts what you say, which impacts what you do, which can grow into a habit, which can turn into your reality. That’s how Ghandi expressed the magnitude of thoughts. Energy in becomes energy out. Seems like the path to Utopia is for the whole world to only think positive thoughts. Easier said than done. Many find it worth the pursuit in seeking an evolution in common sense as a more efficient coping mechanism for their daily non-sense.

Case in point — professional athletes. …

While Facebook and Wells Fargo PSAs reveal a growing trend among corporations to clean up their own messes, efforts do not go without the potential for financial gain

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Ahhh…. All is well. While that might depend on your perspective, be at peace knowing that the financial markets ARE trending in the direction of prosperity. If you derive prosperity by means of investing in companies poised for success, the economy is shifting to a place where companies compete for recognition of their contributions to the well-being of their employees and their customers while maintaining and consistently improving performances. Took long enough, right? …


B.E. Howard

Mindful Economist. Corporate Guru. App Designer. Transmedia Authorpreneur. Eternal Student. Gamer. Father. I am all that I am.

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