• Alex Kinsella

    Alex Kinsella

    Freelance content marketer. Curates @gettlwr . Running from my problems with @RunWaterloo . I make skateboards too. He/him.

  • Nelson McKey

    Nelson McKey

    Finance. Innovation. Design.

  • William


    I'm a pencil and drawing is my best friend.

  • Pat Martinson

    Pat Martinson

    Hardware startup guy, aspiring Dungeon Master, ice cream sandwich enthusiast

  • Kingshuk Jain

    Kingshuk Jain

    Have high trust on both entrepreneurship and it’s relationship with me. www.dadpreneur.in — This is where I belong today.

  • Samuel Legge

    Samuel Legge

    Product @focalsbynorth (previously @thalmic)

  • NicholasBodell


    A dad, extreme sports wannabe, a geek looking to leave his mark on the volatile and exciting online video scene with http://www.brid.tv

  • Matlocknessy


    I'm looking for a man to marry, I'm serious looking for a serious relationship with a serious man,

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