Grobo’s Story — The Search For Better Food and Medicine

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Written by Bjorn Dawson, CEO of Grobo, a smart indoor gardening system that grows fresh food and medicine for you. Click here to learn more about Grobo.

Three years ago I enjoyed my first homegrown lettuce, tomatoes and basil and was instantly hooked. They took months to grow and seconds to consume, but these vegetables were easily the best ones I had ever tasted. Their enchanting aromas, perfectly imperfect appearances, and vibrant flavours are unmatched by any grocery store produce… and I wanted more.

This simple start was the catalyst for Grobo, a company dedicated to improving people’s health by directly connecting us with what we consume.

With this new found desire for home grown food, with the cold Canadian winters coming, my next step was to move my garden indoors to continue enjoying this delicious food. With no good solutions on the market, I set out and built my own mini greenhouse out of wood and painter’s drop clothes. It took days of research and building, but eventually I had built a system that fit in my living room and would grow plants for the next 4 months.

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The First Grobo Prototype

The design was far from perfect and it performed that way too, but the idea sparked the interest of friends and family and that’s how development of Grobo officially began.

Read the full blog post on the Grobo Blog.

CEO/Co-Founder @GroboInc and Mechanical Engineer who loves entrepreneurship, growing delicious food, and looking at life from a different perspective.

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