Charlie Daniels if Full of Shit

So I was listening to The Devil Went Down To Georgia by Mr. Charlie Daniels and after really taking the song in, I have some astute observations.


Am I the only one who thinks that the devil won that fiddlin’ contest? I mean his rendition was pretty good plus Johnny got to sing in his part and that’s not fair. If anything, it was tie.


Why did the Devil bow out so quickly? I would have at least let it be up to the judges. I mean ask for a replay or something man!

Problem Gamblers

Who bets on fiddlin’? I think they have a problem

Taunting and Cursing

Was the ‘son of a bitch’ really necessary? You won, we get it. Act like you’ve been there before


“Just come on back if you ever wanna try again” Why wouldn’t you? You have nothing to lose, plus you have the chance to get Johnny’s fiddle (that sounds dirty)

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