Innovative Careers For Millenials

Year after year, the number of students seeking quality jobs is increasing in a magnanimous scale. People enrol in college education with the hope that that they will have an economically secure future. The appeal of better jobs along with stability and security that come with it is pulling students towards college courses in increasing numbers. Young adults nowadays are more and more concerned about the quality of future life. Better employment opportunities as well as better pay incentives are forces which attract students towards a college education.

The recent trends show a shift from earlier sought after fields of jobs like banking, transportation and law. A growth spurt has been seen in the number of available jobs in IT and allied sectors, sharing economy-based jobs and social media as well. It is not clear if this job trend will last in the next few years or will continue to thrive. But a point of contention is that female millennials lag behind men in the context of getting jobs with good salaries.[SS1]

Here is a list of jobs which the millennials are attracted to nowadays:

· Computer or information research scientists (they are paid a lot) — Technology is always advancing and hence, the jobs in IT sector never seem to lose their appeal. Information research is important to understand the growth of new technologies and the future of companies in the ruthless market of today.

· Biomedical engineers — This field is also growing in appeal day by day. Such interdisciplinary fields are of great interest to millennials today.

· Nuclear engineers — Nuclear technology related jobs are always highly paid and challenging. But millennials today love those challenges.[SS2]

· Public Relations related jobs — In the fast, developing world, there is always a need for professional PR officers. This proves to be a great way to work on your social profile and networking skills. A millennial in the field of PR is just what companies need to understand and reach out to the world today.

· Therapists — There are many fields of therapy into which one can look and decide which one would be more appropriate to work on. Therapists are greatly in demand because people want to do their best in their professional lives in this competitive world.

· Pharmacist — Exploring newer things is what millennials of today are known for. So the interest in this field is justified. Nowadays new medicines are coming up every day and it is only natural for young adults to know about those and pursue a career in that field so as to help the needy in the process.

· Credit Analyst — Analysts are in great demand in almost all fields of life. Companies want to know if they will survive in the next 5–10 years, or if their profits will grow or decrease.

· Actuary — Actuaries are sought after because they are experts in accessing risk factors. They also formulate creative methods so as to counter impacts of undesirable events. Hence actuaries are inevitable to insurance companies.

· SEO Strategist — Brands look for SEO experts so as to market their products effectively.

· Blogging — Blogging has evolved with time. It no longer involves writing only for a few fields. Creative blogging is an art. Companies from different fields are employing amazing writers to market their products and services. Travel blogging is also on the rise.

And so on…

It is not the job, rather the environment of the workplace which matters. Success does not come from outside, rather from within. Hence the performances of millennials depend on whether they are happy from the inside or not. Even though having a good salary and benefits is of essence, there are other things which millennials look forward to. Finding a job which may match one’s set of skills to one’s interests and passion is tough. Such needs have wrought in diversification in the previously traditional fields of jobs.

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