The Story of a night, late night

When she asked for the doggy style.

The Story of my life

Yes, the bad ending as always. To the good beginning in usual.

When she asked for the doggy style & I said I didn’t know

The shameful I felt but the dignity was at stake

We weren’t done yet, oh, that was still in a make

She was turned off, I guess.

My ego could have inflamed

Because her breathe and hope defamed

I didn’t know what to do

Puzzled I was

Shocked she was

Bad I felt

Sad she felt

How could I fail like this, at this point? I asked myself

I am not even dropped or feel for the finale.

It’s like I dropped at 2(mins) and she expected a half century

We did it in our traditional type and style

Irrespective of the unconventional new style

Not impressing her any or satisfying her

She could have ended the cold war saying,

“You are a black canvas & I can picture you any way I want.”

I was happy and I smiled

I realized the quote of God when she smirked.

“I will give you the happiest moments at such a bad time

that you won’t feel any (good/bad)”

Take it as you want

The punishment he gave me always haunts

I dropped eventually at 10 in the 3rd round while

it was the 1/3rd or what I was

Supposed to be around

We didn’t talk much but we should have

We didn’t appreciate each other but I should have

We didn’t go out after but we should have

That’s the story of my life

She asks for the style to do I didn’t know how to do.

And in search of what to do, I found many other important things to do.

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