BKEX will start FUND deposit at 11:00 on November 8,Singapore Time, and also start FUND/USDT and FUND/ETH trade at the same time. The withdrawal will be available from 11:00 on November 9.

About fundchain:

FUNDChain is the blockchain token economy we created to meet the era of blockchain technology. 
We invest in projects in the first-class and second-class market, while conducting class evaluation of relative projects. 
We also create large communities for market investors. FUNDChain is a high-quality token with exponential growth.

FUND official website: http://www.fundchains.org/

To celebrate the launch of FUNDChain on BKEX, BKEX will hold a FUND Trade Competition when the FUND start deposit and trade from 11:00 on November 8,Singapore Time.

we have committed a total of 1,000,000 FUND giveaway to our fans worldwide.

Competition Time: 2018/11/8 11:00 -2018/11/11 11:00(UTC+8)

The detailed rules log in https://www.bkex.com/#/notice/detail/841 to check.