BKEX Labs launches Global Incubation Programme: Establish a venture capital fund of over $100 million

Recently, BKEX Labs announced the launch of Global Incubation Programme, which will search for high-quality projects in global blockchain market and conduct multi-dimensional and in-depth incubation in terms of funding, resources, technology and talent pool to empower projects in all aspects.

BKEX Labs is a 7-year investment institution whose business scope covers: blockchain investment, asset management, project incubation and so on. In terms of blockchain investment, BKEX Labs has established a venture capital fund of over $100 million, which complements the launch of this Global Incubation Programme, aiming to provide comprehensive support to blockchain startup teams based on capital and driven by professionalism. In terms of project incubation, BKEX Labs obeys a rigorous incubation system, empowering projects in six dimensions: project architecture design, tokenomics building, legal and regulatory consultation, technology system development, capital resources support, and in-depth project operation.

Winfred, the founder of BKEX Labs, said: “BKEX Labs focused on venture capital investment in the early days, during the development of the exchange and investment business, we have accumulated various resources and experience in technology development, project design, operations and so on, and become an investment and research team with a high level of professionalism and good execution ability, so we decided to start the Global Incubation Programme, so that we can provide a good development for start-up projects and BKEX Labs will be able to leverage its strengths.

With the launch of the Global Incubation Programme, BKEX Labs will sponsor a hackathon and use the way of deeply bounding to new public chains to discover high-quality projects around the world for in-depth incubation.

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Website: https://bkexlabs.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BKex_labs
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bkex-labs/

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Bkex Labs

Bkex Labs is an investment company with 7 years of experience in blockchain investment, asset management and project incubation.