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Source of links related to

The Komodo platform is complex and vast. It is therefore not easy to find specific links corresponding to our research on this project.
That’s why I decided to group together as many useful links as possible.

Official Website:

Explorers/Releases/Wallets Links

Source of all KomodoPlatform Repositories and Releases:
All Komodo Platform Explorers

Komodo Assets Chain Links

Komodo Pionners:
ChainMakers Explorer:

Further Links

Komodo Dashboard Statistics:
Komodo Decentralized Gaming Platform Project “with CHIPS”:
CHIPS Whitepaper:
Komodo Net Asset Value (NAV)
Komodo ICO raise in 2016:
Jumblr Stats:
Jumblr Website:
Bots Stats:

You can follow the latest Atomic swaps successfully made by the Komodo team on my twitter account: