In Answer To The Recent Question By The Blab Review “Did We Miss Something Here?”

hmm… I take it by your response you did not read this in the dragons voice thereby recognizing as an Ode to the dragons comedic style which amongst some comedic relief often uses lampooning material targeting those around him. I guess this proves the whole don’t joke with a comic cause they are really sensitive inside. It’s called Roasting… you know like that thing ur planning for mr. prime… The only part i truly ment, and with all due respect for the talented past performances by Dailey Pike was the indigestion from the sauce but who knows maybe it was the freshly cooked steak which i tried a lil of it on. Imagine if all the people whose expensive you use for your material reacted the way you did, well, i guess domain registrars would be a good biz to get in to.

As far as the domain… you basically bought page7report to get one in on because the blab review is but a section of The Blab Guide which is umbrellaed by LiveStreamGuide but we are all about supporting our fellow blabbers so we hope if brings you much joy and some traffic to the site. Cheers Dragon , tell Dailey to stop by some time, hes funny.

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