Introduction: The Blab Review

Raw -Unapologetic -Factual-Opinionated-Unbiased-Intelligent

We are a small group of individuals who are very active in the realm of live streaming especially on the (somewhat) new platform BLAB.IM, both as hosts of shows (some popular, some not) and as avid viewers of topics ranging from tech and social media to entertainment. Our opinions stem from both watching and listening to other users along with our judgement on what makes a great live stream and/or show on this community based platform.

Depending on topic and theme of the blab show we take into consideration factors such as quality of content in comparison to similar streams, validity of information if content is fact based, ethos and pathos of show host(s), stability, reach of target audience, growth, originality and whether we think it will stand the test of time either based on the hosts enthusiasm for the show and platform of a combination of factors which give a relatively good idea on whether the viewer should invest their time in watching these (usually weekly) blabs without the disappointment of tuning in only to find that another 3 episode show that could’ve been, isn’t. We like to keep it real so although we wont paint lemons gold, we promise to be fair and fact based with our review trying to avoid any bias opinions due o personal interaction with the show creators or personal preferences.

We hope you find this information useful or entertaining, and welcome you to add your own opinion in the comment section below each review. So far the structure is not fixed so we may review 2 or 10 shows per post, stay tuned and we look forward to ripping your show a ….. i mean complimenting your hard work in creating the shows content. Bribes are always welcome.

Currently finishing our first reviews….Stay Tuned !

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