This weekend some of you noticed Antimisandry was shut down.

Good to know some folks were paying attention because I was not very impressed by the response to the second walk to raise awareness about male suicide. You know, a men’s issue, something I thought the MRM was trying to raise awareness about, (a victim population that men are 4/5ths of). That 4/5ths of those forever silenced by their own hand will almost certainly have 1 or more men’s issues tied into their death. Whether its a lack of help in the form of mental health to bullying to divorces/ parental alienation and on down the list we can go.

From womb to tomb men have some fairly decent hurdles to jump over and hoops to jump through in life. Then to make things a little more fun there’s Demi-para-dimensional feminism (who knows what the name for the current flavour of feminism is) calling for men, (and society in general) to jump through hurdles and over hoops. On top of that men are demonized and vilified for jumping and or not jumping. And if you don’t think that affects men as they are growing up, then I suggest you look at something called The Monster Study. Most readers are too lazy to look it up but basically the researchers were able to produce stuttering and life long speech issues in some of the test subjects that had no prior speech impediments through negative labeling. Feminism just took that process and expanded on it to include everything masculine. And IMHO it will take down ‘x’ number of men mentally to some degree or physically in a horribly tragic way.

And don’t think that constant negative painting of men isn’t having an effect on your daughters either; when we screw over 1/2 of society it eventually will come around and bite the other half in the ass. Cue irrational fear and whining about where the ‘good’ men are.

I run AM as frugally as possible. Its been over 6 months since I’ve asked the greater community for donations. Every penny and then some went on making sure the bills were paid and facts were slung at events where men’s issues are being discussed. Protestors were confronted, and documented. There was 1 expense that was not strictly AM business, and that was an act of charity. A young man with a family was doing a go-fund me asking for help. I donated $15.00 on AM’s behalf, the person makes good vids critiquing social justice whiners and feminist theory.

Our last fundraiser didn’t even raise 1/3 of what I estimated it would take to get AM into top shape. But we were still active.

For over 3 years the community has been enjoying making points and money off the shit I went & sometimes still go through, you all remember Big Red, Darwin’s Rejects and the rest don’t you? Big Red makes an appearance in a ton of monetized videos. I’m happy lots of folks were able to use Big Red as an example of just how far off the rails feminism has gone. (I find feminism is best described by Milo who calls it “cancer”.) Some of the cartoon renditions of her are quite comical. And if that was all I ever did for the community I wouldn’t care but then there is the number digging and fact checking I do so others can spread that information around. Those numbers don’t get broadcast by feminists and they certainly don’t announce themselves do they? I’ve had government funded papers taken down from feminist DV advocacy organizations and police websites more than a couple of times because of inflated and or fraudulent claims. I’ve also fielded a few phone calls from folks who were in a stressful situation, done some proof reading for folks that needed a hand here and there. We can add the work done last year which got some support from my local Police Chief, and was listed on a government mental health website.

Not to mention the life of a man who was looking to make a permanent decision on life participation.

What is at Stake.

When I originally planned to do the second walk earlier this year Jeb & I were going to walk to Ottawa. However, right around that time the Prime Minister of Canada, Honourable Justin Trudeau, (Are you earning the term ‘Honourable’ Mr Prime Minister? Please if you do read this let us know how ignoring almost 80% of suicides earns you that title.) decided he was going to participate in the Toronto Gay Pride Parade. For those of you who don’t realize what that means, I’ll lay it out for you,

Second bonus, it will cut down on cost of the walk. For a walk to Ottawa Jeb & I would be looking at 30 days to and then return. Supplies x 6 compared to last year and then there is getting back home to consider.

Third bonus, I’ll be traveling through another street festival with, again, a large amount of foot traffic who will have the time to think about this bloody awful men’s issue that cuts across so many demographics of society in varying degrees.

And since I made a notable and respectable stand at Queens Park last year via pacific protest, the government knows I mean no harm but seek only to raise awareness where they are failing.

I will lay claim to many feet of space on government property putting those awareness stickers up. By government property I mean light standards, stoplights, the back of street signs and other non-historical and or artistic public property. Jeb and I will not care 1 iota about bylaws threatening a fine for posting on those light standards and stop lights etc, when the very same government extorts taxes from people while ignoring this issue. We didn’t care last year and I certainly won’t this year.

I’m not asking for any 1 person to donate the full amount. The price of a cup of coffee spread over 1000 people gets this done and much more over the next 6 months, maybe longer.

Any donations over and above the $2000.00 will be donated to the Canadian Association for Equality. They do exceptional work in Canada and run many services for men and their families in Toronto.

Now we have many fine examples of designs that I asked various talented artists to donate.
I couldn’t ask for any better in effort or quality.

Let’s not waste this golden opportunity to get that message out there.
Please share and donate!

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Thank you,

Fact-Slinger. Firm believer in equal rights and responsibilities. I'm where the buck stops at

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