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In a World Obsessed with Whiteness, All I See is Black

“Wake up, girl! Stop dreaming! You’re still Black!”

Who ever told you that it wasn’t “good” to be Black? They lied to you! Blackness in America is a falsified construct created by cowardice individuals focused on one thing: self-preservation.

I listened to this YouTube video yesterday and Steven Brown was discussing “colorism”. He paraphrased an angry light-skinned woman who yelled into the camera during her rant,

“Dark-skinned women are ‘tainted’!”

What? I’m not even exactly sure what that means.

For more on the light-skinned woman who said this, check out her video below:

I listen to Black men tell Black women their hair is “nappy” or her features are “ugly”, but our features look just like theirs. Our characteristics and behaviors are most similar to theirs than anyone else’s. Black women are the reflection of Black men and we go through the same life experiences..

Below is a video of three Black males telling us how they really feel about Black women’s Natural hair:

Many of these Black males, not Men, who suffer from self-hate will dispute this fact as much as possible. Yet, their protests won’t make my statements less true or untrue.

Look at the pot calling the kettle Black!

It’s time to educate, y'all.

Black skin is the skin of the Original people and the first people on this Earth. God created us ‘in His image’.

“Black people have existed for billions of years. Black people originate from ether. The night sky is made up of ether. Do you see how much you will love yourself when you take the time to get to know yourself and your truth?
Stop believin’ the hype of White Supremacy!”

White people are the youngest race on this Earth. They have only been living on this Earth for about 6,000–7,000 years.

How did God create White people (or any other non-Black people) in His image when they were the last ones to be created?

Or, we can look at another theory.

The 12 Tribes are discussing ‘people of color’. Judah is the African Tribe. During God’s time on this Earth, when He was speaking to Moses, White people were not created yet.

So, when people like the light-skinned woman claims dark-skinned women are “tainted”, it’s actually the other way around. The light-skinned woman is tainted because her complexion is more evident of the race mixing that is in her DNA.

And, let’s keep it real when we say we don’t exactly know how that White ancestor got there. Was it forcible rape or consensual? Did both sides of the family approve of the union if it was an interracial relationship?

Or did the families shun the union and disown all offspring from that interracial relationship?

But full Black people are tainted?

I think not.

No one is mad when a Black person marries and procreates with another Black person because this act is natural and meant to occur per God’s orders.

Now let’s focus on the low self-esteem Black males who state that Black women have “big lips”, “attitude” and “nappy” hair.

First of all….I don’t believe Black males should talk about anyone’s “nappy” hair when they have the exact hair type.

And when Black males state that Black women are “too-dark” or have “attitude”….

These idiots are talking about God.

Since we [Black people] are created in the image of God, these Negroes are essentially talking about God and putting God down.

“Black Women are God.”

Of course, we might have attitudes sometimes. We are out of our natural element and White Supremacy (with Black males’ help) is oppressing Black Women at every turn.

“I think in Black. I dream in Black. I live my Black. As a Black woman, why do you expect it to be any other way? Think about it. I’m a Black Woman. That’s right. That’s me. I’m a Proud Black Woman. Period.”

Check out this uplifting video below for people of ALL races who live beautifully in their dark-skin.

Tell me your thoughts about light-skin, dark-skin, colorism, racism and colonizatjon.

I look forward to hearing from you. Peace.

Samantha El is an activist, business owner, Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Freelance Writer, CEO of LocStar Revolution, NoVA 24/7 Notary Services and Web Designers and Scribes. In her free time, you can find Samantha reading biographies, watching documentaries on Netflix or spending quality time with her family. Samantha lives in Fairfax, VA with her fiancé and 3 sons.