Feminist Frequency and The Witcher 3
Adrian Chmielarz

The only objective of FF is to spawn controversy no matter what. No discussion, no real issues, just present anything found in popular topics in their own ligth.
There is no reason involved what so ever. I can’t believe they still keep fans following them. Is it because they label anything they say as Feminist view?
And then everybody who disagrees no matter if politely or not they lable as a degraded human being?
That sort of behaviour I remember from kindergarden or early basic school when kids ridicule other kids just because they are in different class 1a 1b etc… Obviously they grow up from that. Yet FF seems to be stuck in this era of thinking.
The only problem here is they can not be alowed to gain controll over people freedom of expression through their agenda.
These articles you are writing are good for that. So thank you!