What Happened in Vegas

What Happened in Vegas

So, we stop in Vegas…and since I want to get lost there and stay for my birthday I’m lagging it…dreaming about my great escape…and that it would be acceptable. While I’m distracted, day dreaming, I can feel someone watching me. It’s not long till I notice the beautiful, big black man playing at the tables across from where I am sitting. His body nothing short of godlike; worthy of being worshiped. As I look over and take him in; His body, godlike, worthy of being worshiped…I can’t help but hold my gaze a little longer than polite…right where his big black cock pulses; as if it’s beckoning me home. I swear I see him bulging through his pants. I know he is hard for me, his black needing my pink… his balls making his seed for me to drink. I know he feels his seed stirring deep in his groin for me.

He loves my long bare legs…I know he has already undressed me with his eyes…leaving only my heels on…his big perfect pouted lips have traveled the length of my body from my head, all the way to my pretty toes; his tongue owning my holes… Our eyes meet, we both know…it’s on! A cocktail waitress comes by and drops off a drink compliments of the gentleman at the tables; and nods over to him…I thank the girl. Taking it, I smile over at him in thanks.

Bringing it to my parted lips, I take a sip, it’s delicious…Johnnie Walker Blue, neat. Perfection. He is playing in the middle of a game…a member of the high rollers club. And so we are both content to just sit where we are and play with our eyes, letting our imaginations run away in anticipation of what is to cum. As I sip on my scotch whiskey, I feel my pussy juice pooling just behind my ever eager pink lips…as I’m imagining his huge dark purple head brushing my lips, letting his head drink in my juice… First the lips of my pussy, his juices mixing with mine, And then to my mouth giving me a taste of our juices…nothing ever tasted better, our sex combining tastes blissfully, deliciously primal…intoxicating…the drug of choice. My lips wrapped around his cock, as I’m on my knees…I look up at him with my big blue eyes and I feel him throb and hear a groan escape deep within his throat… As he grabs the back of my head, his fingers wrapping tight around my soft hair, he sees the “Queen of Spades” tattooed at the nape of my neck and he knows what I am for him…he knows I am here for him to use. I am here to serve him. I am meant to worship his perfect black body. I am here for his seed. He thrusts his huge black cock in my mouth; fucking my throat with his thick purple cock, His Precum dripping down my throat. I’m overcome with thirst for his seed.

As I’m taking the last sip of my whiskey the table breaks. He stands and doesn’t look at me, he walks away without a glance in my direction. But I already know where he is going. I know he will be waiting for me there. I stand up and make my way over to the gentleman’s lounge…I walk past the entrance and pause only for a second. I know he is in there…smoking a cigar contemplating his game strategy…I know he is distracted by my presence and I know I must fulfill my duty to him…I know I must help him release. He needs me and I need him.

Knowing he will smell my scent I linger at the entrance for a few moments.
Anticipating his arrival, I continue on over to the restroom. In a few minutes he rounds the corner, he sees me there waiting for him. I’m sitting in a plush chair my legs crossed. A lascivious smile playing on my perfect, plush, juicy red lips. As he walks towards me I uncross my legs and part them for him…inviting him inside me. I see his cock through is pants; rock hard, thick and huge. I do not need to touch it to know what he has for me…I know he is for me to serve. He comes and stands right in front of me…without any words exchanged between us I unbuckle his belt right there. Sensing his urgency, I know he needs to be back to his game soon. So I take his beautiful thick black cock through the slit in his briefs, I take him deep in my mouth, back to my throat, sucking his head. His huge chiseled beautiful dark body blocking me from view…I work his cock in my throat. Knowing that he sees my tattoo because I wanted him to know that I know my purpose. I feel his cock grow and start to pump out his delicious seed down my throat. He pumps and pumps he keeps cumming, so much that it’s all I can think of; drinking down his seed, I do not want any to go to waste. He finishes and there are tears running down my cheeks from taking in his huge cock…I look up at him with watery eyes and smile, I thank him and tell him my daddy will be so pleased with me. He is relieved to have given me his release, his eyes tell me so, but he only smiles and leans down and whispers in my ear, “Venetian; Penthouse. I will see you and your daddy later.” He grabs my hand and slips something plastic in my grasp and kiss my finger tips, still sticky with cum. With his other hand he puts his huge strong hands up my skirt and sticks his fingers in my soaking dripping wet pussy, and brings his fingers to his nose and smells my sex, and groans; and then licks his fingers clean, tasting me on his tongue. He says to tell my daddy that I am a very good girl. And with that he leaves to the restroom and doesn’t look back. As he walks away, I look at the plastic card he slipped into my hands…I know he needs to use me again just as much as I need him to.

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