Why a Software Engineer?

Growing up in my home you were always told to go to school and become either a lawyer, doctor, or nurse. Growing up watching television, that was exactly what I saw. Since I could remember no one ever told me “you could be a Software Engineer”.

I come from a predominantly African American family that never really spoke about technology. Because my parents did not know about technology, how are they able to teach it. Technology was always present, but never spoken of. I also remember in grade school and high school technology was not taught, yet every school had computers.

The reason I want to become a software engineer is to help bridge the gap in the communities where I grew up and similar neighborhoods around the world. The same way I believe everyone should have access to a great education is the same way I feel everyone should have a certain type of exposure to technology to be able to change their environment around them (and not just by your cell phone).

Me becoming an Software Engineer is bigger than “me”, its about other children being exposed to want to become the same thing or something similar. To have a career where they can help their community and express themselves and their culture. To not be afraid to do something different.

I also have 3 daughters, who all look up to me and this is the motivation to keep going on this journey to reach my dreams and goals to make a difference in someones life.

“I will plant a seed of code in them, water that seed to grow into something they never thought could happen….change.” Alicia Livingston

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