What Is Love?

A Walk Through Truth

A serene sense of belonging and acceptance in a universe so vast thoughts like people become lost. Like a field of bliss with petals of ecstasy, caressing our souls in clouds of purity as a story begins to unfold. The imperfect, but most empowering feeling in the world that creates fixated bonds with diverse people throughout a darkened world, shedding a light upon the shadows.

I have long since forgotten what it felt like to be loved; a feeling of distance like a far off land in the vast sea. The feelings that inspire us to see what lies beyond the exterior beauties of a person and to connect with them emotionally, rather than physically. That true understanding of simplistic romance.

We’ve all searched each moment in life for that connection that entwines our souls together, like vines on a chain-link fence. It’s intense, beautiful, and sweet like honey. It’s tender, warm, and intimate. It’s kind, sympathetic, and passionate. Most importantly, it’s completely unconditional.

The true beauty of this endearment needs nothing in return, it’s that kind of selflessness many of us have never witnessed before. The absence of judgement brings about the feeling of freedom, like an eagle soaring through the sky.

We’ve all dreamt about a rose petal along the darkened paths, unfortunately many have never found it. Whether it’s a captivating bond with a significant other or a collection of unforgettable memories with family. It’s that feeling that provides absence to loneliness and connection to those around us.

This is how I view the intoxicating feeling of love.

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