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Black Lives of UU issues National Mamas Bail Out Day Challenge

Black Lives UU
May 5, 2017 · 3 min read

“Nearly 80% of women in jails are mothers and most of them have only been accused of minor offenses”

In the midst of several weeks of important work under the leadership of Religious Educators of Color, we issue this important call to action.

We are compelled to support the National Mamas Bail Out Day — a nationally coordinated direct action to protest monetary bail and bring Black & Brown mothers home to their families for Mother’s Day this year.

Black Lives of UU has committed $5,000 to this important initiative and we need your help to make an even bigger impact.

Our ask is a simple one: For each congregation participating in the #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn to join us in donating $5,000 to the National Mamas Bail Out Day.

We ask you to put your faith into action with this gift and to imagine the impact of this challenge — imagine hundreds of Black & Brown Mother’s reunited with their children & loved ones this Mothers Day.

How to participate:

We hope that you will take the lessons learned during your #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn and put them into ACTION right now and support the National Mamas Bail Out Day

About the National Mamas Bail Out Day:

The Movement for Black Lives, Southerners on New Ground and over two dozen other local and national groups across the country have come together for the first National Mamas Bail Out Day. This historic event will bail out Black mothers so they can be reunited with their families and communities for Mother’s Day. We will free birth mothers, trans mothers, and other women who support families and communities. We need your support to reunite as many mothers as possible with their loved ones.

The Mama’s Bail Out Day is rooted in the tradition of our enslaved ancestors who went to every length, including harnessing their collective resources, to purchase each other’s freedom and keep their families together. This year we are taking a stand against a money bail system that tears our families and punishes our Mothers for being poor.

When our mothers are incarcerated our families and communities suffer. Even a few days in jail can have devastating impacts. Mothers lose their jobs, housing, and their children simply because they cannot afford the exorbitant costs of bail. We are asking you to join us by donating to The National Mama’s Bail Out Day fund and share Mama’s Bail Out on Social Media.

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