Sometimes innovation has to be forced, and while COVID-19 has hurt economies and taken many lives, it has also forced some industries to progress forward. For example, it’s now socially acceptable to work fully remote, a trend that will likely stay as companies save money on expensive office space. It has also forced film festivals, and film premieres to be online — something few were willing to do before and creating new opportunities for distribution.

As society will eventually return to normal, the online portion does not have to disappear but instead become a new hybrid model for festivals and…

What is a film event? A film event is an event that is centered around media content that is both short form and long. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Film Festivals
  • Online Movie Premieres
  • Watch Parties
  • Mini-Film Events with multiple films
  • Feature Films, Documentaries, Web Series

And more! BingeWave created this guide after hosting 1000’s of virtual screenings showcasing 1000’s of films to give film event organizers a list of best practices. The guide is composed of several articles for you to read and bookmark that cover various topics such as:

  • How to market and promote your film…

As virtual film events rise in popularity, the barriers and ease of putting on one have become easier. This has enabled anyone to put on a film event, whether a single screening or film festival, with much less effort. But it also caused some organizers to put in less effort in being active participants at their events, which is often reflective in the attendee turnout and experience.

This article will cover what to do and not to do for how to be a great host for virtual film events that create a rewarding experience for you, the filmmakers, and the…

As online virtual screenings gain popularity, we are finding an emerging trend at BingeWave with successful events vs. those that underperform, especially with film festivals. And the constant key element is making the filmmaker an integral part of marketing and promotions.

We talked in The Rise of the Mini Film Festival and How to Premiere Short Content about the level of engagement these kinds of events can have. But the key element is focusing on the true stars of the event — the filmmakers! …

The biggest highlight of many virtual film premieres, whether at a festival, an independent film premiere, or a new web series, is the panel discussion with creators behind the content. To put it in context of how much the audience values the experiences with great content, when we screened This Little Light Of Mine, the people paid for the Q&A, even though the content was publicly available for free.

Understanding the value of panel discussions, there is also the opportunity for a lot to go wrong. We’ve seen a variety of situations such as:

  • The person traveling through a mountain…

With the rise of virtual screenings and the platforms that can host them, comes a new kind of diligence required to make sure your film event goes as smoothly as possible. After hosting over 1000 screenings on BingeWave and watching people host their film screenings and festivals on various platforms, we wrote an article about testing any platform for virtual screenings successfully.

The goal is to avoid any surprises you might encounter during your virtual film event, have your brand be correctly represented, and ensure you’re able to tackle problems if they arise. …

Web series & Short Films are routinely given away as free to the masses by creators who are trying to get their name out there. But during COVID-19, a new trend is emerging that these creators should take pause and think about their content release strategies and how they could be missing out on revenue for what could be premium content.

At BingeWave, we have live premiers of content ranging from feature films, documentaries, web, and shorts. One of the most interesting trends we found is the value of short-form content discussed in this article. …

With many of the festivals going virtual and using online platforms to host their celebrations, there have been drastic changes in all areas ranging from films pulling out to the way marketing is executed.

One of the biggest changes is the willingness for sponsors to support festivals the same way they have in other years, which, for some festivals, has been a critical blow. In this article, we are going to the current climate for sponsorships and how festivals can respond.

To view other articles on film festivals, visit our Film Festivals Blog. …

When hosting a film festival, typically, about 70% of your submissions will likely be short films. This number is likely to increase for virtual festivals because of the fear of feature films being pirated online. Depending on the sizes of your festival, this might leave you with 100’s of short films to screen.

Many short films are screened in blocks, in which multiple films are streamed together in one segment. The goal of this article is how to structure your shorts into blocks that maximize both engagement and revenue.

To view other articles on film festivals, visit our Film Festivals…

As film festivals enter the era of virtual events, a lot is changing around execution, ranging from choosing online hosting platforms to pricing. The most crucial aspect that defines how successful an online festival is its marketing. Marketing is the game-changer that has had some established brands fail, and new festivals perform amazing feats.

Being virtual is a double-edged sword. From an audience size perspective, the world is your oyster (film licensing depending), as people can tune in from everywhere. At the same time, you’re competing for their attention like everything else: Instagram, Netflix, etc.

At BingeWave, we’ve executed quite…

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