The (End)Game

Do I let it consume me so that I may consume it in the end? After writing about games and my peaks and valleys over the years I can conclude this. I have an addictive personality. What does that mean to me? I look at it without convention. That I find the pleasure in the pursuit of the end game. I devour the action like a great food or drink. Learning the rules and obstacles to the game and applying my strategy to defeat the game. That’s the juice. That’s the addiction.

Being able to function while playing these games is walking on the wire. I try to not fall. If I do fall I have my set of checks and balances to bounce me back up. Reset the start button if you will. To me life is the goddamn game. You can spend a lot of time in rest mode. You can waste precious time in pause mode. Updates and DLC’s are upgrading while you focus on one game.

You can forget why you even liked the game in the first place if you play too much. I say let yourself have the chance to play with all the toys in your life. Work, love and happiness. Yes it’s a little cheesy but it’s the truth. You have to let yourself gain upgrades and download new content or you will become a stale game left to gather dust on the shelf of your life.

I played Destiny for about 2 years straight. I purchased in 2014 during a Black Friday shopping spree. GTAV and The Last of Us were fun. Destiny was the last one to be opened. And man it was a blast! I wasn’t into the story so much as the quests and loot drops. I went after it pretty hard. I lost time to my sleep and my girlfriend. We argued more than a few times of my time spent playing.

I found YouTube videos to learn how to maximize my time. Shortcuts to gain the most gear or weapons with the least amount of effort. Finally with the last DLC I was able to find my endgame. Light level 400 on all three characters was my silent promise to play something else. I don’t miss Destiny. I am sure I’ll play it again but not for a while.

The truth is I want more. I need more from my life. I want to apply my “grind” to my personal growth. I want to look in the mirror and see the awesome guy I always wanted to see. I want to be the hero to my loved ones. Let them see my killer gear and cool weapons. Gear being clothes and weapons being my sharpened intelligence and success.

If I have an addictive personality well there’s only one thing to do. It’s to make it work for me and not against me. It’s to find better strats and maximize my time spent living better without working harder.