WWP Splitting: Revisionism Eats Its Children

I’ve been in contact with members and supporters of the Worker’s World Party for almost as long as I’ve been a Communist, which is quite a while. Yet I’ve never had the notion that this is an organization that I as a black revolutionary Communist would belong in. For one, Maoists don’t join revisionist parties, and the Worker’s World Party fits the bill nicely. It doesn’t uphold or actively work towards revolutionizing and bringing the masses towards the inevitable PPW, cadre have been seen in Russia associating with fascists under the auspices of “anti-imperialism”, it palms off “actually existing socialism” as a reality instead of a comfortable myth for philistines who think that brown people + red flags + guns = socialism, and their most famous protegé and ex-member is the third positionist fascist Caleb Maupin. In essence, they’re yet another small, old sect dedicated to nothing more than protest politics and publicity stunts that don’t advance communism because if you are not a Maoist you simply can not be a Communist and to be a Communist you have to uphold and do communist shit. Anybody that argues for China as a revolutionary socialist society is a traitor to proletarian internationalism because this country arms the enemies of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is looting Africa.

To this question of splitting: the Detroit, DC and Rockford (Illinois) branches of WWP have decommissioned themselves in the wake of a mishandled attempt to restructure the party and build up country-wide democratic centralism that resulted in the Detroit chapter being “isolated nationally” by the NYC based Secretariat, apparently the “executive leadership” clique. This isolation entailed removal of Detroit cadre from positions of national leadership and a consistent badmouthing campaign. I find it ironic that a self-proclaimed “Marxist-Leninist” institution refuses to adopt Leninist principles of organization. Without Democratic Centralism, you do not have a Party. Democratic Centralism is the enemy of small cliques and leadership groups like the secretariat in NYC because it means that leadership is elected and line is determined only after a period of internal discussion and debate. Once line is determined, it is upheld in public by all Party members. Opportunists and local small groups can’t handle Democratic Centralism because it means that they’ll be accountable and their cliques that weasel their way into power based on personal prestige will be destroyed and their usual response is to either conduct unprincipled splitting attempts like the “Continuators” faction that was expelled from the PCR-RCP or expel people who the believe pose a threat.

There was also the question of an alleged sexual assault in Baltimore, which resulted in cadre from that city being expelled “without due process”. Once again, a failure and inability to grasp the essentials of Party life. Whenever a comrade is accused of something it is the role of the Party to convene an investigative committee and seek truth from facts. People are not to be expelled because of lack of social capital or the tears of white opportunists. White people have a nasty habit of rumor mongering and myth-seeking when loud PoC are around, I’ve mentioned this in my previous piece on white opportunism. Settler revisionists when confronted with Black people who criticize them and do not recognize them as “vanguard” generally flip their shit in hilarious fashion, this is one of the reasons that the white left of whatever tendency has no standing in Black or Brown communities and we tend to produce our own organizations.

The Detroit statement errs in seemingly criticizing the position of white workers as “settlers” and referring to “abandonment of the multinational working class as an agent of revolutionary change”. White workers are settlers, their relationship to capital throughout history has been that of an overseer class whose class struggle has been to join the white planter class or bourgeoisie, and their behavior as a class more often than not has been opportunistic at the very best and counterrevolutionary on an average day. This is historical fact borne out and analyzed in great detail by revolutionary historians from W.E.B Du Bois to J. Sakai. This being said, there is revolutionary potential from certain strata, but there must be acknowledgement of the colonized, particularly New Afrikan, proletariat and its Communists as vanguard. This being said, the apparent call from certain members of the West Virginia branch for striking teachers to pay “reparations” is stupid as all hell, as is much of the reparations discourse in the United States. Reparations are won through armed struggle and the destruction of the United States, not by begging liberal white people on the internet or by sidelining class struggles. All Communists support and help strikes and other things of that nature and we actively struggle for leadership. Under no circumstances do Communists demand striking workers pay “reparations”. Out of a teacher’s salary? This is why third worldism as manifest in the United States is generally an internet phenomenon for lazy white hypocrites and do-nothings in an eternal quest to be the “good ones” but failing miserably in true settler fashion.

From what I’ve read of Larry Holmes, he’s an idiot who has no business leading a bake sale and under such leadership from such a “First Secretary” who supports a clique that opposed admittedly good mass work from the Detroit branch and instead urged Detroit cadre to struggle for renaming streets, it’s no wonder his party is falling to pieces. Revisionists don’t support good mass work of substance, they always settle for salves. Renaming a street after MLK doesn’t stop drugs from being sold and people from being killed by the pigs.

Finally, the opportunism out of Durham. By no means do Communists allow cadre who sit on the boards of liberal NGOs. To quote the Detroit statement: “In this branch many of the leaders are executives and board members of non-profit entities with large funding coming from the liberal bourgeoisie, including the heirs of the RJ Reynolds family (whose fortune in part derived from slavery), Arcus Foundation (Stryker Corporation), Ford Foundation, Overbrook Foundation (Wall Street), etc.”

This is just common fucking sense and fully exposes the opportunism and revisionism that have been at the root of the Worker’s World Party and are now leading to its rightful collapse. Rotten trees bear bad fruit, and WWP is rotten to the core. When revisionist, phony communist parties fall apart, Maoists are happy. It’d be excellent if those who are leaving or will leave parties like WWP in the future study the foundations of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and seek to develop correctly guided mass organizations similar to the one that I currently chair in Saint Louis, For the People — STL. At least you won’t be beholden to RJ Reynolds.