Seattle Teachers Supporting Black Lives Matter

Teaching kids to be woke from early age.

Next week, I hope, will change at least some of the young minds in Seattle. Seattle teachers are going to represent kids to black history and explain: why black lives matter. The event wasn’t sponsored by Seattle Public Schools but coincides with the district’s “day of unity” to bring focus to racial equity as part of a larger campaign to eliminate opportunity gaps.

Local school teachers are going to wear “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts whole the week. Also, they are going to change the curriculum. Instead of common lessons, they are going to teach kids about black history and racism. Except for that, they are going to hold rallies before schools.

In September one of the Seattle schools wanted to hold a “Black Men Uniting” event, which was cancelled because of threatening calls. Can you believe it? People only wanted to encourage black man and show them in a positive light but were threatened to do so. What a shame.

Hamilton International Middle School teacher Sarah Arvey began organizing next week’s event after her students asked if their teachers would ever wear Black Lives Matter shirts, the news release says. She presented the idea to the Seattle Education Association’s representative assembly, which voted unanimously to support educators wearing the shirts at their schools. Teachers-union members have been leading conversations about racial equity in their schools with colleagues, parents, students and community members, President Phyllis Campano said.

This school event will become a first part of the district #CloseTheGap campaign, which is aimed at eliminating opportunity gaps, especially for students of color.

More than 700 t-shirts were already bought for the event.

This is a small step forward. Teaching kids only part of our history (the “good” white part) makes them unaware of reality. History should be objective, shouldn’t it? There are not only white kids at school and it is really stupid to pretend that they can relate with that whitewashed reality they are represented to at school now.

One day black history will be part of history at school on everyday basis and not only during holidays and events.