Teen Was Falsely Imprisoned Because Woman Felt “Uneasy” Next to Him

Black teen, Jason Goolsby, stopped to open the door of the bank for a couple with a stroller. That’s all he did. But that was obviously enough for another woman, visitor of the bans to feel ‘uneasy’ and call 911 to report her feelings.

Minutes later the police arrived and without asking any questions, beat the teen unconscious. Goolsby’s friend was shouting to officers that Goolsby did nothing bad. But no one cared. Jason Goolsby was a student at Howard University at that time. Official reason of beating him up and handcuffing: he was standing near the ATM.

Woman, who called the police, said that she “felt like if we had taken money out we might’ve gotten robbed.” What if they were white? Would she feel the same?

Metropolitan Police department ruled that the officers used force that was “reasonably necessary to bring this situation under control” and to “overcome the level of resistance.” You can see it all yourself on the video.

Now, Goolsby sues the D.C. for failing to prevent false imprisonment, assault, and battery. He seeks $1 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages.

“It scared him for life — physically and emotionally,” said Goolsby’s attorney, Peter Grenier.

That scares even me. Should I stay aside of ATMs? What is anyone will feel uneasy while I will fumble in my bag in search of my credit card? I can imagine the 911 call: “he is fumbling in his bag, probably he wants to get out a gun! Come over, faster!”

I totally for this kid, probably losing a lot of money will teach them something? Though, I think a better measure would be to fine the cops who beat the kid. Next time, they will think twice before beating a person: what if he is innocent?

I just don’t get it when it became a tradition to beat up and shoot people before conversation? Of course, if the first thing cop does, is assaulting you, while you are doing nothing, your first reaction would be to fight back! While using conversation — you know, to at least find out what’s going on — is highly effective! True story!

I am really tired of these killer-cops.