That, eventually, costs more than it does to actually sell you the device
The Internet of Things has a dirty little secret
Internet of Shit

I do believe that hardware costs have numbered days. Eventually that upfront cost will dilute in long contract fidelization just like happens with mobile phones. “We put the coffee machine for free in your home and you buy X boxes of coffee per month for a 18 month period”. This is complicated to happen with coffee because the hardware is expensive (specially good looking, well designed coffee makers) and the product is relatively cheap. But with a service that the “medium” is dirt cheap (just zeroes and ones on a data stream) it’s easy. “We supply you with our smart GPS gadget with a 18 month subscription of our service that tells you the cheapest joint around you to have a greesy hotdog”. It’s a brave new world of connected services and fidelization contracts. And it’s upon us

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