How I Stopped Worrying About What to Wear

There’s a secret about dressing well that someone forgot to tell you about.

Dear tech people,

Are we all here?

All but one (the one who dresses well.)

Well, I’m going anyway.

Let’s face it: we’re rarely complimented for our fashion sense.


Because we’re busy doing awesome stuff that we love, that’s why.

We don’t have the time to worry about what’s trending or what’s in fashion right now. But there’s no reason that we should look any less than slick, suave and sharp.

Introducing The BlackV Club

It’s the world’s first no-option no-bullshit online fashion store. It’s like knowing Kung Fu, but for your wardrobe.

Neo is a member of BlackV Club

For us, when it comes to clothes, choice is exhausting and not necessary. We just want someone to tell us what looks good and we’ll buy a bunch of that. That’s the idea behind the BlackV Club.

No Browsing, No Choosing, No Fitting

The BlackV Club saves your precious time and lets you focus on crushing your work

While looking at your best.

We’re on a mission to bring you the zen of having badass stuff to wear, effortlessly and affordably. The everyday billionaire chic.

We wanted this so badly that we had to build it.

If you want that too, apply for membership now.

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