Homecoming (Back to Native Gwada)

I was born (in January 1977) and raised in Paris, FRANCE. 
Mom’s from Guadeloupe and Dad’s British from Nottingham.

I’m married to a beautiful wife and have two wonderful kids.
I started my career in technical sales in 1998 and been working for a manufacturer for electronic components for the last 5 years as a Technical support field manager for North European countries.

The office was 10 minutes away from home and I’ve been travelling frequently in UK, Ireland, Sweden, Holland, Denmark …

Everything was fine and then last month we moved to the Caribbean : We’re now living in Guadeloupe (French West Indies) !

What a shock amongst my family, relatives, co-workers and professional contacts.

Why did I leave Paris for a tiny island lost in the eastern Caribbean sea ?

2015 was exhausting with regards to the terrorists threats and the political consequences that immediately followed …

I've been having parallel conversations with a very large number of people about it and it appears that non-ironically the fatigue of Paris life has set a number of my friends in an excessive mental and physical tiredness.

Everyone said, “I need a break,” but the subtext was screaming, “I needed to get out of here because I can not breathe.”

I can’t say how many times I heard people complaining, not to say whining, about life in Paris and felt it sounds really annoying of having people often have the mindset of being victims.

Of course they didn't ask for those threats and terrible attacks but they have a thousand excuses to why they are not living the life they have always desired … And then starts accusations on the politics, their boss, their neighbours, their relatives, the economy or not having opportunities coming their way.

Let me reveal what really drove me lately: if you truly commit to achieving something, you will find opportunities, and if you don’t want it bad enough, you will always find excuses. You are the one to choose whether you are going to find opportunities or blame the circumstances.

Of course there are those who can neither breathe, nor leave. But those are the ones always on the positive side.

It was clear to me : I won’t either start to name,shame, moan and whine, but try and solve a problem.

Most people around me , when garbage starts hitting the fan : they just can’t leave. It’s not that they don’t want to. They too dream of lying on beaches of white sand and warm waters with their families, to be able to live in a quiet and peaceful place.

The end of 2015 was a traumatic period for all of us in paris; left me completely drained with an overwhelming mix of anger and despair that can only be described as fighting with an opponent whose arms are so long it feels like air boxing.

So I decided to move away … Just a rational decision because of fatigue : we are still so very young to be this exhausted.

Anywhere but here was appealing…

But above all what seemed obvious to me was going back to Guadeloupe where my wife was born, where we do have as much family and friends (if not more so), where I never lived but always wanted to stay longer when we regularly went on holidays (sometimes for 3 months !!!)

I need a job …

On thing for sure : I can’t even think about moving in Guadeloupe without a job!

I’ve got a vivid memory of that night in late November … Something got me out of bed and placed me in front of the computer. And then I started looking for job out there ! As simple as that … And based on the answers on most employement sites search engines, I knew that things will work out!

I was conflicted. As much as I needed to go, I didn’t want to.

I mean we’re talking about booking a ONE-WAY ticket … For the WHOLE family ! But I felt forced out.

I probably like problems and paradoxes : Try elsewhere. Start over.

But yet, most people around me do not. Why they do not leave, collectively, I can’t answer. But I know why I was afraid to permanently leave : I never lived elsewhere ! And that’s not an excuse …The reasons why we left are explicit and endless.The reasons why I chosed Guadeloupe are more complex, more paradoxical. This is why I started this blog, to be able to express clearly.

Found a job, I need to find a job. Ask all the people you know from the West-indies, the answser is : there’s no job out there … And they’re right, as I tried a few years before and evidently it did not give anything. I mean NOTHING !

But this time the unlikely happened, I found a job! Actually I found 4 employment offer meets all my requirements…

That’s it, I’m taking this opportunity and offer the family a better living environment, a fresh new start. To be honest I could have give this more thoughts about it, but remember I COULDN’T breath ! So there’s no room for thinking. Is it a good thing ? How things will turn out ?

Well … This is another story I’ll have to share !