(one win can last a life time and I’m gonna be mad at FOX for a WHILE)

Fox cancelled Pitch. I felt it coming but I was hopeful. Between Firefly and Sleepy Hollow I shouldn’t be surprised but I am .

I didn’t expect it to last long but I…

It’s hard not to list my resume or my online history when I write There is an entire book and some other pieces I have everywhere on this web. It’s part of having to constantly prove and justfy your existence.

You can imaging how strong it is after this election…

So let’s talk about pussy and power.

The Dr.

I look like power .About 6ft tall, bigger than 250 pounds, with Enid’s ’s resting bitch face ,Gwenny’s cut glass cheekbones and Faye’s ford the Essequibo frame .

In good shape my voice clears auditoriums of unruly teenagers, swooping and trilling over four octaves against thousands stampeding for Black Friday…


Drapetomanic Amazonian Virago.RT not endorsements and words represent only me.

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