The song I never finished.


Why are you so mad?

Is it because of the father you never had

Or maybe the mother who never cared?

Is it because of the teacher that slapped you around

Or all of those times you fell and hit the ground?

Perhaps it’s the girl who crushed your heart

And never stayed to watch you fall apart

Well I’m here now

And I’ll hold you in my arms

Together we’ll survive

Until the storm calms

Grab my hand

And we’ll dive head first

Taking on the world

Getting everything in return


You should hold your head up high

Even in the strongest of winds

You still survived

Here you are, with all that you have gained

Even though you’re completely drained

From all the troubled memories you keep framed

Just remember, the sun will shine again

As soon as you can obtain

The sweet taste of bliss

From the never ending kiss

We call love.

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