Broken Beauty of the City

The villain by: Isom Jacobs

Series: Raw Emotion

An abstract from a Journal from the past with my current view on how it changed me.

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Abstract from: The Willing Villain

I am a relative thinker. Therefore good and bad all depends on which side I am are on. I noticed some willing to be a villain but only isolating themselves from their people. Many also fail to bring the problems to the surface, denial being the saving grace. Good villains do not care if they are deny by society however, they know the truth and this is no longer politics.

This is my major philosophy in life. I believe life is relative, meaning we all have our since of justice no matter what side. Thinking about who is most wicked is usually a single person who does acts are nearly universally damaging to societies. I say single person because once an organization is created I would imagine the group sticking together based on values and their justice.

By Isom Jacobs

Broken Society

Also let me state that it’s possible for a single person to have their justice, or the truth. Philosophy is for one person for what they feel is virtuous and to take those values to societal level and it’s politics. However, I feel politics is where the truth is lost and why many societies are, broken.

Villain Envy

Many Americans and I envy these villains. Without a villain the hero is just a guy doing community service. Villains are the first courageous person to truly stand out, without the support of the city. Super heroes seem so courageous because the super villains are such a force, think about it a super villain dominates a society that was able to go to war against thousands and took over nations.

That’s comic book talk, usually the bad guy is made stronger than the hero, giving more reason for more to write in courage for the hero. In reality the super powers that people have is mental, training or education. We train our heroes neatly and clean and we as a people throw out the trash.

Where I connect

Picking Up the Pieces

These photo sets represent a mental home planet for me. A villain dump where one decides to become a hero leave and become a terror. I was the odd ball as a child, yet everyone had unrealistic views. To be honest, I was very nerdy but I was never put in any scientific classes, a curious mindset never cultivated.

Everything I learned was very unorthodox. I grew up like an isolated undersized kid who the doctors said I was strong for my size. (I eventually grew to become 6-foot-6 adult). I was not the born genius but I had the mind set of one and that made others paint me as such. I was broken quickly, and made a living with the sharp edges as I became the black sheep.

I did moderately well for the skills I picked up along the way. I usually dominate small fish bowls but failed as a true villain. To my fellow outcast in the small tank I became a hero, their leader. Like the villain I am always defeated when I step to the bigger plate, society.

Am I Just Washed Up?

By: Isom Jacobs

I fall back down to my home world then I have another great win or get known for something else great.

I grew up bad at English and writing, put in special education. One of my English professors told me the type of classes that you take is on made to get you ready for college.

I started writing for several college newspapers, each time the newspaper got better for each school I attended. The bowl was bigger.

The second newspaper I was told to review my writing skills in a polite way to say I sucked at writing. I would seem like a person drowning in the bigger community college but I picked up a Nikon and never looked back. I also picked up a microphone and started stand-up comedy. I dove into three major things, comedy being my strongest point weak in the others but it allowed me to win the Student Leader of the Year award.

However, my big stage is actually biology and to my peers I struggle to keep up. That is something that really gets to me as the other things come quickly to me.

My big villain struggle now is, can I take the talents that I learned and turn it into a profit on a large scale or will I wash up to shore with more fractures.

By: Isom Jacobs

I have been the new hero of photography. People know me from my work before they know my face. It is a nice feeling because this is a time where I was a big fish in the biggest tank that explored, only it was something I did on the side, in fact, it would be third in line behind biology and journalism in terms of time spent.

I am not a big fan of superman but I have a weakness, something that I am known for more than photography, migraines.

For some reason migraines have been the anti-hero that does what it wants and usually has a beef with me. In recent years, I have done anything but think clearly, as my migraines would last an entire week. This made biology and journalism very difficult to maintain.

Maybe I shouldn't have taken on a major so difficult but we all have dreams and charging against the grain is what makes a villain and a hero. I also didn't think my migraines would progress in duration as I age.

Photography worked so well for me however, it was something I can do part time yet understood so well. It takes a lot of courage to keep fighting when there is no proof of any projected success.

On my home land of shattered dreams I gather all of my resources to take one more launch as the evil terror with many failures and one die-hard pulse.

I make sure I mention migraines because I know I’m not the only one struggling with this disease.
By; Isom Jacobs
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