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Funding My Way as Technology advances

It’s amazing how the introductory price for beginning photographers seem similar to when I first started years ago and my camera is super outdated. The part that hurt my feelings were when I did an upgrade for my camera it was about $50 than my first camera. This means I re-bought a introductory camera technology made my gear behind on the times.

I bought a Nikon D3000, $480 in 2011 with all the money I had, last year I was able to obtain a Nikon D5200 $520. It would be idea to get the best model but after working for a school newspaper for less than a year this was the best I can do even though it was the best student job on campus.

I was never able to make enough money from photography alone to build the gear that I needed so I sought additional financial support.

Perfect Example

Buying The Flash

I bought this flash for $60 this was probably a ripoff but this brand was Sunpak and it was a basic model. When I finally bought a flash the quality of my photos dramatically improved. I did primary events in low lights so my photos suffered when I couldn't get the exposure

I needed.

Review: Sunpak DigiFlash 3000

I can assume this will out perform any flash that comes attached to any camera but for beginning photographers a flash was a milestone that I neglected for too long. The flash adjustment was manual from 18 mm to 70 mm. This is pretty durable it lasted me about a year and a half before the frame started to break apart but by that time it paid for itself. The light never died on me even though I over used it. I would give this 7 out of 20 stars. Disclaimer 10 stars is great but I always give lots of room for improvement.

Neewer Speedlite 750II

Gear Chase

I Feel like cave man when comparing the two flashes. The thing I like the most so far is how it adjust to my lens and focal length. I may have a few depressing post but when it comes to the things that I buy I am very gretful of the benefits of the products. I don’t mind the plastic feel and it’s heavier so it gives me better balance when I use larger lenses.

I took some test shoots and I anticipate more back to back photos and less wait for it to charge. I think that will also mean I need to an upgrade on my SD card to help with back-to-back photos.

This is the end of the school year so there are no more fashion shows as of yet but as soon as I get one out the way I will update this post.

The next review I have is the battery grip and what I think on that lovely product.

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